Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Customise Rugby Jerseys

, Rugby jerseys are an integral part of a rugby outfit because they differentiate one team from another. But whether a rugby coach just wants to make sure that they get something special for their team or whether they are looking to create a specific style of shirt to differentiate their team from every other team in the league, purchasing their own custom jerseys is a viable option. But how exactly is it possible to customise one\'s own rugby jerseys?

Is this Allowed?

Most leagues will have no issue with a team using customised jerseys. However, it should be noted that there may be some colours and some styles which are off-limits in some leagues. A common example of a colour which is usually not allowed is light green, for obvious reasons. Make sure that the rules and regulations set out by the league are checked before embarking on any customisation venture.

Where Can They be Found?

There are a number of companies which allow the creation of customised shirts. These companies can easily be found by performing a quick Internet search using the search term \"customised rugby jerseys\".

The Process

The process may differ slightly depending on the Reversible Football Jersey company which has been chosen, but they all include the same aspects.

1. The collar style and the shirt style must first be chosen. One choice the coach will also have to make at this time is the material of the shirts, which can be anything from pure cotton to a mix of nylon and cotton.

2. Designs and colours should now be considered for the shirts. Most companies will have Reversible Football Jersey a number of default designs available to try out, which will include striped designs and solid designs. But some companies will also allow the customer to submit their own designs for consideration if the coach is looking for something special. This can be a perfect service for an upcoming testimonial game or cup final.

3. Logos should also be considered by the coach. In most cases, the company will recognise that nearly all rugby teams will have their own team logo so they do allow the customer to submit a picture of the team logo. Additional logos, such as sponsor emblems, can also be sent along, but the inclusion of these may push the price up. At this time, the coach should choose where the logo(s) will be situated on the shirt.

4. The ordering process should now be available. Most companies will allow their customers to pay through a direct bank payment or through a popular Reversible Football Jersey service like PayPal. Coaches should remember to take into account that some companies will demand that a minimum number of rugby jerseys are ordered, though.

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